Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
Government of India
Transforming Urban Landscape-27th-28th July 2018 , Lucknow U.P  
    1.Case Study on Leak Detection in Water-supply network by Ms. Girija, Kerala
    2.Challenges of water supply in hill areas by shri. Pankaj Rai, Himachal Pradesh
    3.Experience sharing in implementation of water supply projects by shri. G.S. Priyadarshi
    4.Rainwater Harvesting - Chennai Experience by Shri G. Prakash, MD, CMWSSB

    5.Telangana experience in universal coverage of water supply in Urban Areas by Shri. Dhan Singh, PHED     
    6.Urban Infrastructure Challenge and Andhra Pradesh's approach by Shri R. Karikal Valaven

     1.Development Of Sewage Treatment Plants under hybrid annuity PPP model by Mr. H.K. Makhwana
     2.Experience sharing in sewerage projects
     3.Fecal sludge and septage management by Shri Sasanka Vellidandala
     4.Implementation of sewerage & septage project in Rajasthan by Mr. S.K. Goyal
     5.Reuse of water by Surat Municipal Corporation by Mr. M Thennarasan
     6.Reuse of Water for industrial use by Shri V. Raviraj

    1.An Innovative Approach To Capacity Building by Shri Jagan Shah
    2.Capacity Building under AMRUT by Shri Jagan Shah
    3.Credit Rating and Issuance of Municipal Bonds by Ms. Ula Kalaskar
    4.Street Light National Program (SLNP) and Municipal Energy Efficiency Program (MEEP) by CEO, EESL
    5.Technology and Reforms in AP by Shri Kanna Babu
    1.Association of Water Supply and Sanitation Organizations (AWSSAR) by Shri Shiv Das Meena
    2.Formation of Association of Water Utilities and Urban Local Bodies – An Institutional Approach by Shri R. Karikal Valaven

SESSION 1. on 28thJuly 2018
    1.e-Governance in ULBs By Shri Jagan Shah
    2.e-Governance Initiatives in Telangana State by Ms. Shreedevi
    3.Online Building Permission System by Shri Vivek Agarwal
    4.Online Building Permission System- South Delhi Municipal Corporation by Shri Rahul Garg

SESSION 2. on 28thJuly 2018
    1.Land Pooling (TPS & LAP) by Shri. PL Sharma
    2.LAP TPS by Shri Bimal Patel
    3.Pilot On Formulation Local Area Plan & Town Planning Scheme by Shri Srinivas
    4.Preparation of Local Area Plans and Town Planning Schemes by Dr. Sameer Sharma

Various new initiatives launched in workshop on 23rd June, 2017  
    1.Liveability Standards in Cities
       Methodology for Collection and Computation of Liveability Standards in Cities
    2.India Smart Cities Awards Contest 2017
    3.Value Capture Finance Policy Framework
    4.Urban Flooding Standard Operating Procedure
    5.Sabka Sapna Ghar Ho Apna Stories of PMAY (U) beneficiaries and best Practices of States
    6.India Smart cities Success Stories from Mission Cities
    7.Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-Urban (Passbook for Beneficiary Led Construction)

Presentation of State Annual Action Plans 2016-17 by States/UTs before Apex Committee under AMRUT  
    1. Presentation on 12 Apex Committee
    2. Presentation on 11th Apex Committee
    3. Presentation on 10th Apex Committee
    4. Presentation on 9th Apex Commitee

PM Launches AMRUT Day 1 Presentations  
    1. Presentation on AMRUT
    2. Presentation on City and State level planning
    3. Presentation on Devolution of funds 14th Finance Commission
    4. Presentation on Local Area Planning in Ahmedabad
    5. Presentation on SBUT for Amrut & Smart Cities
    6. Presentation by JS(SBM)

PM Launches AMRUT Day 2 Presentations  
    1. Presentation on Moving Towards 24x7 Water Supply(Nagpur)
    2. Presentation on Increased Demand and Collection of Property Tax-GHMC(Telangana)